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"James Turrell: A Retrospective" explores nearly fifty years in the career of James Turrell, a key artist in the Southern California Light and Space movement of the 1960s and '70s.

From the website:

The exhibition includes early geometric light projections, prints and drawings, installations exploring sensory deprivation and seemingly unmodulated fields of colored light, and recent two-dimensional work with holograms. One section is devoted to the Turrell masterwork in process, Roden Crater, a site-specific intervention into the landscape just outside Flagstaff, Arizona, which will be presented through models, plans, photographs, and films.

Additionally, Turrell's newest interactive work, "Perceptual Cell," includes a fully submersive experience in light and color. This is a separately ticketed exhibit for $45 and more information can be found here.

For details about the exhibit as a whole, check the LACMA website. The exhibit runs through April 6, 2014.

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