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Image by Flickr user rsharble, used under a Creative Commons License.
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Just looking at a map, you may not think much of Ladyface Ale Companie, stuffed into the corner of yet another strip mall explosion in Agoura Hills. But once you're in the building, the vibe is decidedly different. There are rolling green hills just off the warm and inviting patio, and inside the rustic wood and focused dinner menu are a thing of beauty. Not to be outdone, the Ladyface also puts together a quarterly Brewmaster's Dinner, which lets the chef create a decadent meal to pair with some of the beers that are brewed on site. For $70, guests can nosh on five full courses, with a pairing for each plate along the way. And, since this brewmaster's dinner falls on American Craft Beer Week, you can expect the rare and often cellared beers to be of particular quality.