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A new full-scale exhibition of works by artist Richard Artshwager travels from New York to Los Angeles. A contemporary of Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Cy Twombly, this is Artschwager's first retrospective since a 1988 showing at the Whitney Museum in New York.

From the Hammer website:

"Approximately 150 works survey Artschwager's remarkable exploration of the mediums of sculpture, painting, and drawing, bringing to light the extraordinary breadth of subject matter and form in his practice. The selection highlights the extensive study of material, shape, and style in Artschwager's work, while revealing how the artist's unrelenting investigation of art objects and images has been informed by the equalizing lens of photographic reproduction in the 20th century."

Please note the museum is closed on Mondays. Click the link above for more information.