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Arthur Miller's classic play about the Salem witch trials and the McCarthy era is given a vigorous re-staging by the Antaeus Company.

From F. Kathleen Foley's review in the L.A. Times:

Leave it to the creative team at Antaeus. The company's subtly revisionist production of the play, co-directed by Armin Shimerman and Geoffrey Wade, reinvigorates the language and brings a novel dimension to Miller's well-worn text...the boldest innovation is having the performers face dead front for the bulk of the action rather than directly addressing one another. It's a risky, even outlandish tack that could have blunted the drama's emotional connections. Yet considering the play's polemical nature, it's brilliant.

Through July 27. Saturdays and Sundays also hold 2 p.m. matinees. Check the Antaeus Company website for tickets and more information.