Photo by Christoph Steinhard, used under a Creative Commons license
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Zocalo Public Square presents a panel discussion exploring how Angelenos interact with nature and wildlife, and what effect they have on the urban experience.

From the Zocalo website:

Angelenos may live in a hyper-engineered region, but nature is never far away--and we're constantly reminded, whether by a meatball-loving black bear or the howl of coyotes, that we can't control it. How do the wild neighbors with whom we share our city affect our urban experience and the way we see the world around us? And what happens--to animals both human and non--when our most strident efforts to tame the world around us fail?
The panelists are Greg Randall of the City of L.A. Animal Services, Lila Higgins of the Natural History Museum, and Beth Pratt of the National Wildlife Federation. Kathryn Bowers, co-author of "Zoobiquity: The Astonishing Connection Between Human and Animal Health," will moderate.