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Isabelle Huppert and Kris Kristofferson in "Heaven's Gate." Credit: MGM
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At this combination potluck and film screening, audience members are encouraged to bring Thanksgiving leftovers to munch on while watching the new digital restoration of director Michael Cimino's epic Western "Heaven's Gate," which was widely panned upon its initial release but has been reconsidered by many in the years since.

From the Cinefamily website:

A significant amount of 'Heaven's Gate's' retroactive appeal is due to its leading man's natural charisma, a beautiful balance between moral zeal and suave romanticism as Kristofferson portrays a U.S. Marshal navigating expansive landscapes of immigrant combat and itinerant passions in 19th century Wyoming, along with an astounding supporting cast of Christopher Walken, Isabelle Hupert, Jeff Bridges, John Hurt, Sam Waterson, Brad Dourif, Joseph Cotten and Mickey Rourke.
The running time is three hours and 36 minutes.