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Photo by Fredrik Nilsen © Calder Foundation
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LACMA presents the first monographic Los Angeles museum exhibition dedicated to Alexander Calder, an artist who revolutionized modern sculpture. The renowned architect Frank O. Gehry helped design the show.

From the LACMA website:

"Calder and Abstraction: From Avant-Garde to Iconic," with significant cooperation from the Calder Foundation, explores the artist's radical translation of French Surrealist vocabulary into American vernacular. His most iconic works, coined mobiles by Marcel Duchamp, are kinetic sculptures in which flat pieces of painted metal connected by wire move delicately in the air, propelled by motors or air currents. His later stabiles are monumental structures, whose arching forms and massive steel planes continue his engagement with dynamism and daring innovation.
Calder holds a special place in LACMA's own history as well, having designed "Three Quintains (Hello Girls)" for the museum's opening in 1965.

"Calder and Abstraction" will be on view through July 27.