Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

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This week, get out there and just do you. Don't let other people tell you how you should be living your life -- create something, start a DIY project, splurge on a ticket to some seriously hard-to-find craft beers. After a holiday-shortened week, coming back to the workaday life is always a struggle, so it's important that you put yourself first when thinking about great events to make it out to this week.

Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

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If you're even able to read these words, congratulations. That means that you've made it through four days of intense summer heat and the sweat hasn't stung your eyes into blindness. To celebrate, consider getting out of your furnace / apartment to see a bit of the rest of the world. With July 4th only a couple of days away, you know there are lots of fun things to look forward to. Here are some of our favorites.

Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

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The summer blockbuster films are pouring into theaters now, but that doesn't mean you can't still catch a classic for cheap. Around Los Angeles, there are countless opportunities to see films for just a few bucks, including some of the best cinema that's ever been made. This week, there are lots of screenings, lectures and festivals to keep you busy, no matter what sort of stuff you're into.

Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

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You know, a lot of other weeks, you'll find people telling you that "summer is here". They'll point to a thermometer or wave their hand towards the sunny skies, as if the these alone are truths of a turned season. And while Los Angeles especially may find the warm, beachy days that signify summer well before the solstice actually arrives, only this week can we scientifically tell ourselves that summer has arrived. Friday, June 21st is officially the welcoming of summer, and -- frankly -- it's not a moment too soon. For all of you who have been pent up and anxious, waiting nervously for the arrival of the longest days of the year, this is your week. Celebrate appropriately.

Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

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After weeks of eating and drinking and laying out in the sun, it's time for a little artistic reflection this week. Relax with some fine art, dig deep into some cinema and dance the night away downtown. Then, on Saturday, get up early to catch a lecture on the finer points of roses, or stroll the beaches looking to clean up trash. It's a week of new beginnings, with lots of events to help you get started.

Guide: Downtown Art Walk, June 13, 2013

Painting in Place before its opening night. May 22, 2013 I Photo: Helen Ly

The Downtown L.A. Art Walk, the self-guided tour of art destinations in Gallery Row, is back this Thursday, June 13. If you've been in the past, you might remember how much of a party it has become, but that's all quieting down and art is creeping back into the spotlight. Score!

New this month is the Downtown L.A. Art Mart, the official name for the monthly collection of artisan tables held in the lobby of the Los Angeles Theater Center (514 S. Spring Street). It's run by the organizers, who also host the event's lounge where you can pick up a map and look at the photographs of guest artist Rush Varela.
Downtown Art Walk Lounge I 634 South Spring St.

Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

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This week, with the summer sun out in full force, it's time to think about one thing, and one thing only: wine. The drinking season is upon us, and the unbelievable availability of some of the best wines in the entire world this week means you should prepare your liver accordingly. Sure, there are movie screenings and gardening tips to be found, but when wine is on the menu, you don't need to order anything else to have a good time.

Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

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After a weekend of overindulgence, it's important to get your week back on track. In the spirit of self-betterment, we've compiled a list of great intellectual pursuits that are worthy of your time and energy. Of course, you can always check out our full lineup of events on the KCET events page.

Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

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It's a shame that you're reading this right now, it really is. if you're even glancing over these words, it means that you're stuck behind a computer monitor, probably in some drab office somewhere, instead of out celebrating this week the way it deserves to be celebrated. This is the week before Memorial Day Weekend, after all, which means productivity has disappeared and internet surfing has skyrocketed. And so here you are, reading these simple words, waiting to be told exactly how you should spend your week. Well, let's go!

Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

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This week's event focus is all about three things: food, booze and comedy. With temperatures forcing people out of their homes, why not enjoy some laughs in an air-conditioned Beverly Hills theater, take in some nighttime drinks in Chinatown or stretch the possibilities of the suburbs (and your stomach along the way) with a food crawl through uptown Whittier. There's so much happening this week in the realm of art, music, culture and more, so be sure to check out our KCET events page for all of the latest and greatest in what to do around town.