Guide: Downtown L.A. Art Walk, May 9, 2013

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It's time for a quiz. May 9 is the next Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk, and the self-guided tour of galleries is which designated neighborhood? A) The Historic Core, B) Gallery Row, or C) the Old Bank District?

Veteran Art Walkers will know it's "all of the above," but if you are new to the event, you can make a map online, or get on at the official Art Walk Lounge. And, as always, the afternoon and early evening are for art believers -- before the party crowd takes over -- so here's a peek at the art for Nueve De Mayo.

Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

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With the rain still whispering over Los Angeles, this week has seen fit to bring us events of the cozy kind. There are engaging book readings, in-person talks from some of the most fascinating Southern California characters, and a warming night of wine happening next to a fireplace in Echo Park. These are a few of the best events happening this week, but you can see plenty more at our constantly updated KCET Events page.

Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

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You're not one of those folks who thinks culture and beer don't mix, are you? Good, because this week is full of both. From downtown's always innovative REDCAT productions to the L.A. Vegan Beer Fest along the Sunset Strip, there's plenty of live music, great food and (of course) drinking going down this week. And we haven't even gotten to Cinco de Mayo yet!

Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

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This is the week you really get out there and start treating yourself to the experiences of Los Angeles. From the beach to the Eastside, there are events this week that will nourish your mind, feed your soul and warm your stomach. Of course, we couldn't mention them all here, but our constantly updated events page should have all of the information you require.

Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

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This week, Los Angeles seems to have a lot to talk about. There are discussions, seminars, panels, plays and festivals surrounding the spoken word all throughout the city, with topics that are sure to please even the most hardened listener. Take a look at our constantly updated events page for a full listing of all the great food, art and culture events going down this week and beyond.

14 Gallery Shows to See at the April 2013 Downtown L.A. Art Walk

Birgitte Moos

The Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk is this Thursday, April 11, and it's certain a party atmosphere will be there. But for those brave souls who like art with their art walk, there's plenty to see before and during the official event hours of 6 and 10 p.m. Sneaking in before the crowds is the one good way to plan your self-guided experience. Here's a peek for later this week.

Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

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This week, let the art of the city soak over you. Los Angeles, despite its superficial misgivings, is teeming with art and culture, some that dates back hundreds of years. And while it's always fun to head for the beach or obsessively plan your Saturday night, spending some time indoors with the art that has come to define L.A. is never a bad thing. Here are the best artsy fartsy events going on this week, plus some regular ol' stuff in case you get burned out on all that culture.

Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

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This week is all about doing things for yourself. Now that April has arrived and begun to usher in the spring, it's time to get out into the garden, make plans to catch a great movie, print up your own artwork or celebrate yourself with a glass of wine (or beer, lots of beer). Here are a few of the city's best events to help you realize your goals.

Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

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The days are warming up but the nights are still cool around Los Angeles, an early indication that the best months are still ahead of us. But things are waking up, and there's more to do than ever around town, especially for those looking to sip, chew or take in a little culture. Here are some of the best events happening this week in Southern California.

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