Photo/Video: Harbor Seal Born at Aquarium of the Pacific

Photo: Courtesy Aquarium of the Pacific

Lots of harbor seals make their home in the waters off Southern California's coast, but getting up close to see a newborn may not always be easy. Over at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, however, a female pup recently born could be soon in public view.

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The unnamed pup was born in late April and is currently bonding with her mother, Shelby, one of the first harbor seals on display when the aquarium opened in 1998. Because this is Shelby's first-born -- unusual because most harbor seals start giving birth at four or five years of age -- she has no experience rearing young, according to the aquarium. With that in mind, caretakers have no date when the pup will make a public debut. "We are basing our decisions on the animals," explained Spokesperson Marilyn Padilla.

Photo Courtesy of Robin Rigs

Also behind the scenes is another newborn: a female sea otter rescued off Del Monte Beach in Northern California on Valentine's Day. Government wildlife officials determined that she was unable to care for herself since she lost her mother, who would have taught survival skills. She won't be joining the otter exhibit for another several months.

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