Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

There's just no getting around it, folks: Thanksgiving is here. And with Thanksgiving comes grocery shopping and driving and planning and cooking and family, and that's all before you reach the weekend crush that is Black Friday. It's going to be a tough week for anyone trying to get anything reasonable done, so why not just stay home and warm up some cider with a splash of whatever hard stuff you've got laying around? Well, because there's still plenty of great stuff to do this week, that's why.

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If you need a little pick-me-up before Thanksgiving, there are a few nice events to get you prepped. First up is the ongoing KCET Cinema Series in North Hollywood, where they'll be screening the feel-good film Silver Linings Playbook. Writer / director David O. Russell will be on hand following the screening to tackle a Q & A with anyone in attendance. Or, you can hear from up-and-coming writers at Wednesday's Writers' Row reading series. The monthly event at The Last Bookstore downtown features written works from authors all over Los Angeles.

Perhaps you're more in need of a party, what with a full day with family looming. There's a Hollywood pub crawl going down on Wednesday night, with a secret starting location and everything. Of course, it's highly encouraged that revelers dress in their best Pilgrim costumes. Or, 'sexy Pilgrim', if that's more your thing. Otherwise, head down to the Shrine Expo Hall for an all-night party with noted DJ Steve Aoki. The Newport Beach native has earned a reputation for his wild and dance-heavy spinning sets, and he'll be celebrating his birthday in much the same style. For the $50 price of admission, you'll also find Demitri Vegas, Like Mike, the Dirtyphonics and Autoerotique on the bill.

If you've resigned yourself to the fact that Thanksgiving is going to keep you chained to your home until at least the weekend, fear not. On Sunday, the Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival returns to their original home in Santa Ana, bringing all sorts of cutesy stuff with them. Sure, you may not need that pot holder shaped like Chewbacca (yes, you do), but there's definitely going to be something there for you to take home. Plus, the local eats and downtown Santa Ana location might make for a worthwhile half-day excursion. Or, cash in all your karma for a sprawling evening with the Club Culinaire of Southern California. Originally begun as a way for restaurant professionals to hang out and talk shop, the Club has since expanded to hundreds of members and an annual Gala Dinner and Dance. The night will feature five courses complete with wine pairings, plus a reception for anyone showing up early. After dinner, it's dance time inside the Luxe Hotel in Brentwood, so plan your eating accordingly.

No matter what you decide to do this week, remember that there's always a lot to be thankful for. Sure, you might not get all the stuffing you wanted (or you may end up with way, way too much), but at the end of the day, enjoying a large meal with family and friends is one of the best events anyone could ask for. Oh, and all of the empty roads on Thanksgiving Day. Happy Thanksgiving!

For more weekly events visit kcet.org/events.

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Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time


Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time