Alternative Weekend Box Office - January 6-8

Not feeling particularly excited about any of the movies currently out in theatres? Don't forget about the smaller, independent theatres out there! This week is a veritable double feature bonanza that you would be crazy not to take advantage of. We've compiled this handy list of cinematic adventures that you can check out this weekend in the LA Area.

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Friday, Jan. 6
Goonies and Stand By Me double feature
The Egyptian Theatre
7:30 pm

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If you are a child of the 80s, it's likely that at least one (if not both) of these films is on your top 10 list. Even if you own these classics on DVD it might be worth your time and money to see them both in all their glory on the big screen.

Saturday, Jan. 7
The Big Lebowski and Fargo double feature & Drink-Along
The Downtown Independent
7 pm
$10 Online tickets include your first drink on the house
$15 At the door if available

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Does this need any more explanation? You can see these two Coen Bros. masterpieces on the big screen back to back for $10, and that includes a refreshing beverage. Make sure to get tickets in advance, we have a feeling this will be quite a popular night.

Saturday, Jan. 7
City Island and The Lost City double feature + Q&A with Andy Garcia
Aero Theatre
7:30 pm
$11 (Tickets can be purchased at the door)

Calling all Andy Garcia fans! If you can't get enough of Mr. Garcia's work, or if you have a burning question you just need to ask him in person, this night's for you. Garcia will participate in a talk and Q&A in between films.

Saturday, Jan. 7
Fight Club
New Beverly Cinema

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Who doesn't love Fight Club? OK so perhaps a lot of people, but for the rest of us, seeing 1999 Brad Pitt on the big screen is a treat we just can't pass up. But this is a late one, folks. Make sure you can hang through a 2-hour movie that starts at midnight!

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