Museum Openings and Closings This Week: Regionalism, Abstract Accidents & More

The 1940 BMW 328 Millie Miglia (RT) Photo: BMW Classic, 1979 Ford Probe I (MID) Photo: Scott Grundfor, The 1928 Martin Aerodynamic (LT) Photo: Lane Motor Museum, Nashville, Tennessee. | images via The Petersen Automotive Museum

Museum Openings and Closings is a weekly guide showing you what's going on this week with exhibitions around Southern California. Browse more recent openings here.


The Huntington
Birthed in the 1930s, Regionalism depicted American life by location. Roger Medearis: His Regionalism explores Medearis' Regional works, best known for "carefully observed depictions of the life and landscape of the Midwest, East Coast, and California."
June 16-Sept. 17, 2012

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The Petersen Automotive
Whether it's to save gas or to flash a fancy new design, wind resistance shapes the character of a car. Just in time for Father's Day, The Petersen presents Aerodynamics: From Art to Science.
June 16, 2012 - May 27, 2013

Additional Recent Openings
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
June 2 - September 16


The Armory
Richard Jackson: Accidents in Abstract Painting, the Armory is part II of an experiment by Jackson, in which he crashed a large, model airplane filled with paint into a wall (part I). The Armory exhibit contains detritus and video documentation of the spectacle, along with other work. Watch a clip of the event above (crash happens at about 1:30).
Ends June 17, 2012

The Getty Center
Pulled from the permanent collection, the exhibit Renaissance Drawings from Germany and Switzerland, 1470-1600 is displayed by region, moving from the Middle and Upper Rhine, to Switzerland, Nuremberg, and Saxony.
Ends June 17, 2012

Can you create a community in globalization? Can you communicate through sculpture?
Rigo 23: Autonomous InterGalactic Space Program is organized around the theme "Another World, Another Path," articulated by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), and attempts to find out the answers to those questions. Spearheaded by San Francisco-based artist Rigo 23, the exhibit is an interdisciplinary collaboration with weavers, seamstresses, painters, carpenters, and cultural activists in Chiapas, Mexico.
Ends June 17, 2012


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