10 Places to Check Out at the November 2013 Downtown L.A. Art Walk

Mira Schor I CB1

Downtown Art Walk is Thursday, November 14, and the night offers yarn bombing, a one day only exhibition of visual works from Indonesia, and a long-time Art Walk participant showcasing new paintings. The crafts and trucks are still part of Art Walk, and you can get details at the website. For a preview on how you can make it a full day of downtown art beyond Gallery Row, and want links where to check hours, read on.

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Caryl Levy Vestment series at the Downtown Art Walk loungeIn the Art Walk Lounge, artist and educator Caryl Levy will engage the space with her signature monotypes with new works titled "The Vestment Series." Working off her previous textile textures, Levy explores "images of domesticity, sentimentality, grief, and the everyday within the background of American regionalism." The work also becomes commentary on war and heroism though inherited artifacts.

Also at the Art Walk Lounge, the official spot for information and maps for the self guided tour, you can gather intelligence on the Los Angeles Design Competition. It's the next round of designs that will emblaze DASH and Commuter Express TAP cards, a collaboration between the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation, aka LADOT, and the Gallery Row Organization. Artists are instructed to use the theme "Downtown Los Angeles." The deadline for entries is December 18, 2013.

The Art Walk lounge is open from 6 to 10 p.m.

Downtown Art Walk Lounge I 634 S. Spring Street

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Yarn Bomb at Downtown Women's Center

Downtown Women's Center takes on Art Walk with Yarn Bombing Los Angeles by launching "Community Threads," a happening that explores how yarn bombing -- as visual art -- can connect communities, "raise awareness to the causes of homelessness, and provide skill building for women overcoming poverty." The opening reception for "Community Threads" will be held during Art Walk, from 6 to 11 p.m., and the exhibition runs through December 13. RSVP's are requested.

The Downtown Women's Center I 325 S. Los Angeles Street

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At the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, you will find the International Group Exhibition, "Electric Salon"; Ryan Alexandre Snow adding layers on landscape photography in "Pattern on Landscape"; and Meg Madison pairing of images created with methodology of seventies black and white street photography in "Rightsizing Narrative." Opening reception for "Electric Salon" during Art Walk, and all shows run through Nov. 30.

Los Angeles Center For Digital Arts I 104 E. Fourth Street

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Paul Donald I CB1

CB1 Gallery hosts Paul Donald with "Blind," a play off bird decoys as an artifact of recreation, being a collectible, and how shape is conceptual between craft and art, art and architecture. It also looks at "particular content and rendering innocent forms in provocatively corporeal ways." What is the collective narrative of decoys that lure the innocent?

Also at CB1 is Mira Schor's "Chthonic Garden" (Top Photo), a new series of paintings and drawings that address the terms "of contemporary psychic, theoretical, and economic spaces as they affect creativity." The central theme considers the experience of living "in a moment of radical inequality, austerity, and accelerated time, set against the powerful pull of older notions of time, craft, and visual pleasure." The exhibition has been on Schor's mind for a while. In April 2012, she told ArtInfo about the show and said "I think it would be great to have vibrant, intense hues for that show, but I also may end up following the path of darkness, so I can't be sure where the work will go."

CB1 Gallery I 207 W. Fifth Street

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Cynthia Ann Swan at GDCA.jpg

"Reclamations!" is the November Art Walk installment at GDCA, a tribe that includes Cynthia Ann Swan which is introducing her new "Tree-Cycle Collection." Her pieces are created from recycled glass, ranging from window glass to beer bottles that reclaim light as a prism of reclaimed materials.

Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts I 215 W. Sixth Street

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The Institute Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta (ISI), is sending a 24-member delegation of arts educators and artists to the Art Walk for the "largest exposure of Indonesian visual arts in Los Angeles." Planned is a reflective look at a past that will counterpoint to the contemporary work on display at The Old Bank. ISI is a state-run college that teaches visual, performing, and media arts in traditional Indonesian and modern international styles.
The one day exhibition is open from 5:30 to 10 p.m., during Downtown Art Walk.

The Old Bank (Former Farmer's and Merchants I Main at Fourth

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Timothy Lynch at Blackstone Gallery

"Anxiety and Paranoia" is new work by Timothy Lynch, and being featured at Blackstone Gallery, slong with other artists who dare to take on the theme.

Blackstone Gallery I 901 S. Broadway

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Andrés Jaque at REDCAT

The hidden environmental art of Los Angeles. Architect Andrés Jaque interviewed Angelenos on the use of architectural and household elements in their personal space, and by highlighting the use of water, Jacque transforms the REDCAT gallery space in a model garden-city. Through November 24th.

REDCAT I 631 W. Second Street

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LA Artcore Union Center for the Arts in Little Tokyo has an exhibition that focuses on printmaking and the integration with other disciplines through several artists. Nguyen Ly uses it as springboard to mixed-media installations and sculptures. Thai artist Kamol Tassananchalee makes uses it expand abstract language. Painter, poet, and mixed-media artist Janet Mackaig uses it to experiment with larger ideas. Sungho Choe figuration and landscape towards abstraction through woodblock and monotype prints. This exhibition explores diverse printmaking forms that "provoke dialogue about the nature of medium as well as showcase those practitioners who carry it forward," said Artcore.

LA Artcore Union Center for the Arts I 120 Judge John Aiso Street

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Miguel Osuna is a long time Art Walk participant by simply opening the doors of his studio. This month, his working space gives insight to current paintings that are appearing in two locations, including the museum gallery at Caltrans District 7 headquarters in the solo show "En Route." His work is described as "transportation inspired oil paintings that are constructed as memoirs," said visual arts curator Jill Moniz. "[Osuna's paintings] are visual recollections of the fleeting yet sensuous moments travelers experience en route. These landscapes highlight the strong connection between the permanence of the roadway and the substantiality of our own reflections." Selections from this new series, plus previous work, will be on view at Osuna's studio on Spring Street.

Miguel Osuna Art Studio I 410 S. Spring Street

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