Guide: Downtown L.A. Art Walk, February 14, 2013

Al's Bar photo by Marc Kreisel,

After a quiet start in January, Los Angeles Art Walk livens up in February. The monthly event falls on Valentine's Day this year, so you may see couples using the self walking tour as a date night and witness the ongoing revival of downtown. If the decade old downtown renaissance was an art movement, it would be called urban romanticism.

Galleries on the self guided walking tour are free. Admission for the major museums still apply. Here is a look at the exhibitions you can find during Art Walk, and all during the month of February 2013 in downtown Los Angeles.

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The Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk Lounge is ready to mark the day from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. with a photo booth that will offer gallery goers the chance for some valentine photos. Also there is photographer and multi-media artist Sia Aryai.
The Art Walk Lounge I 634 S. Spring Street

We will see how the two new parklets -- parking spaces converted into small parks -- works a crowd. Art walkers are invited to take part in "Parklet Love" on Feb. 14. Have a seat and learn more about Complete Streets' vision that redesigns how a street becomes public space. Spring between 6th and 7th.

Joyce Kozloff I CB1 Gallery

"Joyce Kozloff: Other Geographies" is the CB1 Gallery exhibition curated by Deborah Irmas, an exhibition of works on paper made by Kozloff the last three years. Feminist and founding member of the 1970s Pattern and Decoration movement, Kozloff's takes items from non-western visual culture and places them into varied media, sometimes forming into public art, and always as a creative and political act. It is Joyce Kozloff's first Los Angeles solo exhibition in 23 years. In the west gallery, Craig Taylor with "Essence, transference, no cigarettes." Both exhibitions close Feb. 17.
CB1 Gallery I 207 W 5th Street

• • •


Ole Tersløse exhibits his series "Human-Nature" as a gallery of man in conflicted communication with animals. Fantasy fueled images like a young man trying to interpret a message on a snake skin; an athletic rendition of Albert Einstein struggling with a sea turtle, all through digital rendering by Tersløse. Plus, Electron Salon and featured video artist Robert Checchi's "60:60 Lights." Reception held during Art Walk Feb. 14, 7-9pm. Through March 2.
Los Angeles Center For Digital Art I 105 W. 5th St.

• • •

Even though this street photography project has been under way since January, current events will have you look twice at the title of this show. 32 selected street photographers were assigned to "meditate on the concept of LAPD as a theme" and document the blue force for a month, explained gallerist Jacon Patterson in the video. "YOU ARE HERE II: Shoot a Cop" opening reception will be during Art Walk on Feb. 14 (5 p.m). Through March 2.
Think Tank Gallery I 939 Maple Ave. Ste. 200

• • •

"Art from the Heart" promises contemporary paintings, a themed exhibition timed for a Valentine's Day Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk by Blackstone Gallery (901 S. Broadway).

GDCA Gallery will have an Art Walk reception for "Lifelines" at their space at 215 W. 6th Street, Suite 115. The entrance is on Spring.

Treat your Valentine to a trip to airfare!" writes Carol Cirillo Stanley, who continues photography exhibition titled "Paris Streets." Art Walk Hours are 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Carol Cirillo Stanley studio gallery is at 112 W. 9th St., Suite 507.

30 artists exhibiting stitched, woven, knitted erotic artworks "Stitch Fetish," curated by Ellen Schinderman, resides at the The Hive at 729 S. Spring.

• • •

Jose Zamora at DAC

Before blogs were the chatty documents of emerging culture, ink on paper zines told the story. "Paperland" is DAC Gallery's way of positioning the zine as fine art. In this group exhibition curated by Jesse Tise, handmade zines and prints created by ECF Art Center Artists and supportive local artists explore nature, patterns, abstraction, spirituality, and portraiture. "The unique format of the zine allows these traits to be displayed for the first time in a gallery setting," says DAC.
DAC Gallery I 828 S. Main

• • •

With the Ethnic Arts Foundation and The Mithila Art Institute, Norbertellen presents "Mithila Painters: Beyond the Walls." It's the second exhibition of an ancient art form with traditions in interior wall paintings that border on ritual and contemporary self-expression. It's a "painting tradition dating back to at least the 14th century" and directly empowers women.
Norbertellen Gallery I 215 W. 6th Street Suite 110

• • •

It is movie costume time at FIDM Museum & Galleries. The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising has showcased the work of film industry costume designers since 1992. The 2013 exhibition includes costumes from "A Royal Affair," "Anna Karenina," "Argo," "Django Unchained," "Hitchcock," "Les Misérables," "Lincoln," "Mirror Mirror," "Skyfall," "Snow White and the Huntsman." All five Academy Award nominees for best Costume Design are represented. The exhibition is free. Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Through April 27.
FIDM I 919 South Grand Avenue, Suite 250.

• • •

REDCAT has a full slate as usual. On Thursday, Feb. 14, they will present the world premiere of "Hiroaki Umeda: Haptic and Holistic Strata," a major work by the Tokyo-based choreographer and video artist. Through Feb. 16. Other offerings include February "The Wooster Group & New York City Players: Early Plays" and "Ben Russell: Altered States."
REDCAT I 631 W. 2nd Street

• • •

"Fifty Works for Fifty States" at MOCA is a sampling of the The Herbert and Dorothy Vogel Collection, of which The Museum of Contemporary Artwas selected as the receiving institution in California. Includes works from Carl Andre, Lynda Benglis, Dan Graham, Joan Jonas, Edda Renouf, and Richard Tuttle.
MOCA Grand Avenue I 250 South Grand Avenue

Last. Not Least. It seems the downtown revival is rediscovered with every news story. You only have to look toward District Gallery for evidence of a long standing love for downtown, and the memory of Al's Bar as the grunge valentine. The District Gallery featuring three four-foot long high-resolution photo murals of the interior of Al's Bar, taken by owner Marc Kreisel days before it was closed in 2001. No special Art Walk hours, but the gallery is open from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Monday. It ends Feb. 24. A sentimental listing for a gallery in the heart of Joel Bloom Square? Maybe. But it is the week of Valentine's Day. District Gallery I 740 E. Third St. (at Traction).

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I'd recommend a visit to the Last Bookstore as well, right in the middle of Gallery Row at 5th & Spring. The new Spring Arts Collective upstairs features five artists at work in their open studios, plus work from local artists for ArtWalk.