Guide: Downtown Art Walk, February 9, 2012

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Before street art romanticized the urban landscape, street photography was the valentine from the city. It loves the grit for what it is, and Los Angeles has been the subject many times. There is no shortage of street pics during the February 2012 Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk.

"It is the fine art form of photojournalism and makes an important record of the times. It tells important stories that 'humanize' the people living on the streets and captures their wild and capricious character that downtowners know all too well," said Rex Bruce, who as director of Los Angeles Center For Digital Art has brought a long time presence of experimental photography to Downtown. Yet, there is an appreciation of the traditional black and white of street photography.

Keeping with the month's most obvious theme, The Downtown Art Walk Lounge will feature "Love Art." It is a chance to purchase affordable art suitable to be delivered on Valentine's Day, which can be arranged in collaboration with USC's TKE Fraternity. The Art Walk lounge is open from 6 to 10pm at 634 S. Spring Street.

Here is a peek of the downtown exhibitions you can find in February, 2012, including at Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk (Thursday, February 9).

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'Papel tejido' is the second solo exhibition of artist Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia. Through woven paper constructions, the geometric cross reference of visual sources--including Scottish Tartan, basket-weaving and painting--is applied as an abstract application of grids.
CB1 Gallery I 207 W. 5th Street I Through February 19th
• • •
'Blow Up L.A.: The Art of Blowing Up Your City' is a display of urban vinyl toys, as curated with a "no limitations" directive by Gonzo247 of Aerosol Warfare. The show features customized Jamungo BUD & NADE vinyl dolls, and works by national and regional artists.
Crewest Gallery I 110 Winston Street I Through February 26th
• • •
'Why Occupy?' Next door to Crewest, the gallery aptly named 118 Winston, a second edition of a multi-media art exhibit by The Recruiter Syndicate will occupy the second floor. Through video, photography, and paintings, this installation is designed to "put an accurate face to the Occupy movement." It also acts-up as a protest to the arrest of three Occupiers during January's Art Walk.
118 Winston I 118 Winston Street 2nd Floor
'L.A.NDSCAPES' "I took a while to 'tune in' curating for such a larger space," says Rex Bruce, Los Angeles Center For Digital Art gallery director. "It is much more work." The idea of larger scale works with LACDA's current show that thrives on the idea of space in a city that is arguably the most photographed in the world. "It is by virtue of the efforts of visionaries such as these that a city that seems to have little to 'hang your hat on' in terms of identity, takes on an unmistakable character that is loved by its inhabitants and visitors alike, faults and all," says the LACDA website.
• • •
'Migon: A Collection of Figures in the Flesh' is the collection from photographer McCarson Jones. 28 Durango, Colorado, locals become models, posed in small cubes for the series "figures in the flesh." Each photograph is covered in a clear-coat epoxy for the visual result of a stunning "liquid glass" effect says the gallery PR.
Phil Stern Gallery I 601 S. Los Angeles Street
• • •
‎Robert Reynolds' new installation 'Michael Duffy" joins his other sculptures in his Art Walk Gallery (408 S. Spring Street, at 4th)
• • •
Painter and sculptor Erik Jerumanis, and Norbertellen Gallery director, takes his turn at Art Walk. He's the featured artist in the second installment of "Artist Studio" (215 W. 6th Street / Suite 110).
• • •
'Ineffable: Joy' are new paintings by New York native Claude Smith. His abstract visual reference of "path of obscurity" takes a vacation and explores "transcending cynicism and irony" in this current show at Gallery Mujo (548 S. Spring Street / entrance on 6th)
• • •
Ty Pownall, adjunct professor of fine art sculpture at Pepperdine,
debuts "New Works" during Art Walk. His works are a "theoretical future based on the trajectory of current urban growth." Opening Reception is from 7 to 9pm
DAC Gallery I 828 S. Main Street
• • •
MORE PHOTOGRAPHY: "Faraway, So Close Photographs of Los Angeles in the '80s" is a collection of prints by Sar Jane Boyers, Edward Colver, Gary Leonard, Willie Middlebrook, Ann Summa, May Sun, Mark Vallen, and Richard Wyatt. "Each photograph is a certificate of presence that leads us back to a time that will never be repeated but upon reflection makes the viewer contemplate what has changed and what remains the same. " Open until 6pm.
Morono Kiang Gallery I 218 3rd Street I Through Saturday March 31
• • •
If you ever find yourself with a large new space to sell photography lighting and equipment, use an area for a gallery. That is the thinking of Simple Studio Lighting, who just relocated from Orange County. They took a section of their new space at 905 S. Hill and named it Hatakeyama Gallery. Street photography is the muse and the first exhibition features local shooters Dana Barshun, Chris Camargo, Joel Sheiner, David Valera, Elizabeth Wang-Lee, Erin Xavier and Eric Kim. They are new to Art Walk, but plan to be open past 6pm if people wander near Hill and 9th.
Hatakeyama Gallery I 905 S. Hill Street
• • •
In South Park, "More of Moore" showcases complex multi-media collages by Terrell Moore at Terrell Moore Gallery, plus the exotic wood sculpture of Ismael Cazarez. Open until 10pm during Art Walk.
Terrell Moore I 1221 South Hope Street
• • •
Wounded Beast by David Hollen is the inaugural show for District Gallery, a new art space that will present bimonthly solo shows by artists with ties to the Arts District. The Art Walk Night Opening features the organic sculpture "Wounded Beast," a 14-foot-long "creature" that explores "underlying natural forms and expressing them with ubiquitous durable materials." Opening reception is Thursday, February 9th, from 7 to 10pm.
District Gallery I 740 E. 3rd Street
• • •
Nearby, during regular day hours, SCI-Arc hosts "Go Figure" by Ramiro Diaz-Granados at Sci-Arc Gallery (960 E. Third Street). "Once Emerging, Now Emerging: The Visitation" is ongoing at Cirrus Gallery (542 S. Alameda).
"Andrea Bocelli: Story of a Voice" and "George Harrison: Living in the Material" are among the exhibitions at The Grammy Museum (L.A. Live 800 W. Olympic Blvd).

"Drawing the Line: Japanese-American Art, Design and Activism in Post-War Los Angeles" closes February 19th at Japanese American National Museum (369 E. First Street)

MOCA's "Under the Big Black Sun" closes February 13 (250 S. Grand Ave). "Naked Hollywood: Weegee in Los Angeles closes February 27 (152 North Central Ave).

And while it will not be ready for this Art Walk, if you like street photography you will not want to miss DRKM Gallery's Ansel Adams Los Angeles. (February 18 to March 17).

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