Guide: Downtown Art Walk, November 10, 2011

For the latest news about changes to the Downtown Art Walk, click here. Below are highlights and picks.

"Everyone protects what they love" by Chuck Agro I Courtesy of CB1 GalleryFarewell to L.A: It is the last month of Downtown residency for Bert Green, the founder of Art Walk who with his gallery BGFA, brought a different kind of dealer to Downtown's 5th and Main.

"It's time to move on," says Green from San Francisco by phone, where he was making a round of saying goodbyes to Northern California contacts. He is migrating to Chicago and will open a new gallery, and takes with him a reputation of increasing Downtown's presence on the art scene.

There are no plans to start-up another art walk like experience. Then he says after pausing. "Well, we will see in a year." Bert Green Fine Art final show final show is by appointment only and runs until November 19. December is for packing.

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Tagging Dean: David Flores is known for marking images with bold outlines to form a street art version of "stained glass." He will apply that to a blowup of Phil Stern's photograph of James Dean, first taken in 1955. At 7pm, during Art Walk, the 92-year-old Stern will approve the cross generational piece when he gets on a lift, armed with a can of spray paint, to "tag" his signature on the mural. The November signing leads to a December show "David Flores X Phil Stern." Phil Stern Gallery I 601 Los Angeles

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Top of the Dome 8: Crewest holds their annual exhibition celebrating Día de los Muertos, a stunning showcase of customized ceramic skulls created by a long list of Los Angeles street artists. The show features artists Axa and Pops, plus influential Chicano artist, George Yepes. Crewest I 110 Winston
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CB1 Gallery features "everyone," a series of ironic paintings by Chuck Argo (pictured), and "Woulden," soft sculptures by Paul Donald CB1 Gallery I 207 W 5th
• • •
Los Angeles Center of Digital Art has a slate of shows for Art Walk, including "Looking Forward: Ten Artists to Watch" as selected by Peter Frank, and from 7 to 9pm, Tiffany Trenda will revive her interactive performance art piece,"Urban Devotion."
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art I 102 W 5th
• • •
The Garden Gallery features water colorist Chelsea Dicksion and her exploration of "nature and natural effects that appear when watercolor and paper interact." The night includes Jazz duo Granville "Danny" Young (stand-up Bass) and Steve Moore (guitar). 7 to 10pm The Garden gallery I 215 West 9th Street (Near Broadway) I Eastern Columbia Building
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L2 Kontempory hosts Tetsuji Aono new show "precious balls" kicks around the idea that sports equipment are "marketing weapons of mass propaganda that are being unleashed on unsuspecting cultures." L2 Kontempory I 990 N. Hill
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Zzyzx Gallery takes its exhibit featuring complimentary contemporary works in stone and fabric to the Temple of Visions (719 S Spring).
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It is the Art Walk debut for Gallery Metamorphosis, a self-contained space by artist Gary Soszynski housed in the Medallion Courtyard (334 S. Main).
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A collection of personal drawings and paintings by local downtown artist Taylor Scott Dunfee makes up "Don't Lose Your Head," the next offering at the new gallery, White Gloss (433 S Spring).
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Norbertellen Gallery host Joe Wu, aka Djembe and Canvas. The moniker, longer than the average street artist, takes the word for drum from the African ethnic culture of Bambara, then uses canvas as a metaphor for expression. Together it brands his style that uses Chinese imagery with street aesthetic, and adds a twist of pop culture by using a technique called "Fluorescent 3D Enhancement." "I'm keen on painting to the rhythm of African and Latin percussions. It really brings out the spontaneity in my colors," he tells KCET. "At the moment, most of my work has Asian influences. I see all as one and I intend to explore into other art forms."

He will be painting live during Downtown Art Walk.
Norbertellen Gallery I 215 W 6th St Space 110
• • •
Terrell Moore Gallery features works by Micheal Hayden, who updates a 5th Century art style; Encaustic painting. Hayden's abstract works drag colors out from tinted molten beeswax. The South Park gallery will keep "Hot Wax" open from 3 to 11pm during Art Walk.
Terrell Moore Gallery I 1221 S. Hope
• • •
Edgar Varela Fine Arts (EVFA) offers "Some Time With You," a solo exhibition of photographic works by Stephanie Vovas that show a side of the person in "private moments, transformation, beauty, sensuality, and uncertainty." EVFA I 727 S. Spring

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