10 Gallery Shows to See at the September 2013 Downtown L.A. Art Walk

The self-guided tour of galleries from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. is back this Thursday, September 12. If you want to make it about the art, and not the party, you can start earlier by going in the afternoon, even taking the Downtown DASH around town until the official starting time. Galleries are free, but expect entrance fees at the major venues like MOCA, where hours may vary. For more information or maps, go to Downtown Art Walk.

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Bugs in the System by MINER

The Downtown Art Walk Lounge will feature works by "Ash" Hudson, the founder and creative director for CONART, and works by others he knows as a curator. While Hudson is billed as "the embodiment of the graffiti street culture," including being documented in films like "Bomb It" (2007), the graffiti artist and sneaker/clothing designer is also a pioneer in showing how branding can be a self-authored strategy. Eklips is the featured artist for the second exhibition at the Art Walk Lounge.

Art Walk Lounge I 634 S. Spring Street

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OA Poster Art

The ongoing Art Walk collaboration between Robert Reynolds Gallery and Tigobo Animation France moves forward with a screening of "OA" by Reno Armanet. With the help of friend and fellow animator Pablo Navarro, Armanet did the animation, voices, music, color, and sound design for the ten-minute short. "OA" will be screened during Art Walk, and Armanet will SKYPE in to share art and ideas with gallery-goers. According to Navarro, the film "tells the internal journey to freedom of a men who's been a slave of society rules." "OA" was recognized at Cannes Film Festival and is now making the rounds during the crucial season of films being eligible for an Oscar nomination.

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Photo by Alveraz Ricardezg

With the harsh title "Spit You Out" you can expect this "photographic journal of Downtown Los Angeles" isn't about the gloss of gentrification and downtown revival. "My current project covers four blocks of downtown Los Angeles where I've had the privilege of recording intimate, revealing moments of people who have given me a glimpse into a marginalized world of hope, desperation, and at times, joy," writes -- or warns -- photographer Alveraz Ricardez. "Spit You Out" is curated by Steven Thomas Higgins. Opening reception will be held during Art Walk.

Blackstone Gallery I 901 S. Broadway

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Photo by Leigh Merrill

While settling in their new space behind Pete's Bar and Café, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art offers the winners of their 2013 juried competition, as curated by Holly Harrison, LACMA and Peter Frank, and The Huffington Post.
It opens with an artist reception during Art Walk, and runs through October 5.

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art I 400 S. Main Street (Entrance off Fourth Street)

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HK Aamani

"Remembering and Forgetting" are the works of Iranian-born artist HK Zamani, short for Habib Kheradyar Zamani. He's introduced by CB1 Gallery with passages about how words are often the main source of Islam culture, since images are constant negotiation. "In both his curatorial and artistic endeavors, a compulsion to go beyond the expected and the accepted is what unites Zamani's diverse achievement," wrote Meher McArthur, who profiled the artist in KCET's Artbound. It's HK Zamani's second solo show at the Gallery Row venue. For now, CB1 keeps it's regular hours of 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the day of Art Walk.

CB1 Gallery I 207 W. Fifth St

CB1 Gallery

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Susan Silas

It's an ode to the raven, the loyal bird steeped in literature, and has been the subject for Susan Silas for a decade. The exhibition features her newest photography and is her second solo show at CB1 Gallery. It's based on two themes: There is the still life form on white background and there are the images with the bird in motion on a black background. "The consequence of motion is a startling and surprising range of subtle colors, suggesting painterly strategies that refer to a long tradition of European still life painting," writes CB1. The symbolism runs deep. This series began when Silas was working on a project about the Holocaust and saw a connection to the species and works representing war. "The images felt like descendants of Civil War photography in America; depictions of fallen soldiers left abandoned on the battlefield," said Silas, who uses ravens to embody ideas about "beauty, continuity, reconciliation, and the resilience of being." Again, CB1 Gallery keeps it's regular hours of 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the day of Art Walk.

CB1 Gallery I 207 W. Fifth St.

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Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts always has a strong collection of contemporary works and visiting artists -- all stuffed in its small space. This month's showcase is working under the loosely titled "FALL." They will be open during Art Walk from 3 to 10 p.m. If you are a first timer, note that while GDCA is in the building is listed at 215 West Sixth Street, the suite that's home to the gallery is off Spring Street.

GDCA Gallery I 215 W. Sixth Street I Suite 115 (off Spring)

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We know how it is. You have been meaning to make it to Art Walk, or downtown in general, but the summer flew by. One of the better exhibitions is still up: 7th Annual Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design. It's free and open until 5 p.m.

FIDM I 919 South Grand Avenue (South Park)

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There's a line in the sand between fine art and straight commerce, which street art straddles with no shame. With that in mind, let's list The Dieline Awards Winners Exhibition, a one-night-only pop-up exhibition at Hub LA in the Arts District. It will showcase the winners of an annual worldwide competition in consumer package design. Launched in 2009 to award creativity, marketability, and innovation in well-designed packaging, this year's judges were an "esteemed panel of 10 industry experts from around the world." It's free, but RSVPs are requested.

The Hub I 830 Traction Avenue

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L.A.ndscapes is the plein air portraits of urban Los Angeles by Jose De Juan and Alex Schaefer. "Creating art using the busy streets of the city as a studio is a challenge Jose and Alex have embraced with gusto," says District Gallery on these new works. Schaefer, who is pictured above in a recent random shot by L.A. Daily Mirror and L.A. Times' Larry Harnisch, may be better known here for his protests in chalk or through plein art. For this show, he stays on canvas.

District Gallery I 740 Traction (Arts District)

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