Museum Closings This Week: Gun Sculptures & More

Alina Szapocznikow, Petit Dessert I (Small Dessert I), 1970-71 | image via The Hammer

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Laguna Art Museum
Los Angeles emerged on the art scene in the post WWII era. A part of Pacific Standard Time, "The Postwar Era: From the Collection, 1945-1980," draws from the Laguna Art Museum's best, taking the viewer from realism through abstraction and experimentation.
Ends April 29

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In the exhibit Victor Hugo Zayas: Mi Obra, Mexican-American artist Zayas reveals his new series of sculptures constructed from tons of destroyed guns. A native of Los Angeles, he worked with the LAPD's Gun Buyback Program to create his work as a symbol of peace. Zayas expressionistic paintings of figures, landscapes, and cityscapes, and linear, abstract sculptures are also on display.
Ends April 29

Marco Maggi's Project Room shows off his particular interest in maps, anthropology, architecture, language, and his use of everyday and industrial materials in his art work.
Ends April 29

The Hammer
Alina Szapocznikow: Sculpture Undone, 1955-1972 is the first survey exhibit in the U.S. dedicated to this Polish artist. Her work focuses on "the ephemeral condition of life and the human body." The work includes sculpture, paper and photograph.
Ends April 29, 2012


The Fowler Museum at UCLA
In 2008, the Fowler Museum received a donation of over two hundred examples of early 19th to mid 20th century e-gasuri (pictures made a using a rustic type of Japanese ikat cloth) from Dr. Jeffrey Krauss of Potomac, Maryland. Fowler in Focus: Japanese Pictorial Ikats from the Krauss Collection shares approximately 30 of these woven textiles, featuring "highly imaginative pictorial motifs of sake-swilling imps, Buddhist saints in the form of pop-up dolls, turtles trailing seaweed as longevity symbols, battleships at sea, and many others."
Now ends June 24


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