Museums This Week: No Strangers, Cambodian Shop Signs & More

An image on display at the Annenberg Space for Photography | Photo: © Steve McCurry

Museums This Week is a guide to what's going on with exhibitions around Southern California. For recent openings, browse them here.


Fowler Museum at UCLA
Private commercial activity reawakened in Cambodia in the 1990s after years of living under the genocidal reign of the Khmer Rouge and the state-controlled economy of the Vietnamese military. Before international commerce and marketing took hold, local business owners designed their own advertisements, now on exhibit at Fowler in Focus: Cambodian Shop Signs: A Gift to the Fowler Museum from Joel G. Montague.
December 2, 2012-March 31, 2013

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Additional Recent Openings
Annenberg Space for Photography
no strangers: ancient wisdom in a modern world highlights the struggles and insights of indigenous culture through various photographers and a documentary. "The themes explored in the exhibit include: The Circle of Life, Our Shared Origins, Ancient Wisdom, Sacred Geography, Endangered, Globalization, Ritual & Passages, Beauty, Quest for Spirit and Joy of Culture."
November 17, 2012 - February 24, 2013

Lost Line: Contemporary Art from the Collection pulls together a variety of media that "share a desire to complicate typical representations of landscape, the built environment, and the monumental," as inspired by Gabriel Orozco's sculpture Lost Line (1993-1996).
November 25, 2012-February 24, 2013

Is youth innocent? Do we idealize children? How does the gazing eye exploit or extol childhood? The exhibit Young explores the portrayal of children through LACMA's photography collection.
Ends December 2, 2012

For the exhibit Tell Me A Tall Story, visitors are challenged to create their own narrative based on the curatorial choices of artwork pulled from the permanent collection.
Ends December 2, 2012

Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Scene on the Street: Doug Busch, displays a collection of the artist's over-sized black and white photographs of pedestrian life, taken on a camera he designed and built.
Ends December 2, 2012


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Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time