Museums This Week: Artmageddon, Paper Like Skin, & More

(LT) Zarina, Untitled, 1970; (RT) Zarina, Dividing Line, 2001 | images cropped from The Hammer website

Museums This Week is a weekly guide showing you what's going with exhibitions around Southern California. For recent openings, browse them here.

Special Event

All Over Los Angeles
Because of Carmageddon, the 10-mile full closure of the 405 freeway this weekend, over 200 arts organizations, including many museums, have come together for "Less car. More ART!" For a map and more information, check out the Artmageddon website.

The Hammer Museum
Indian-born American artist Zarina uses paper to focus on home and exile in her first retrospective Zarina: Paper Like Skin.
September 29, 2012 - December 30, 2012

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Long Beach Museum of Art
Within sight Catherine Opie --Twelve Miles to the Horizon one can see the Port of Long Beach, which happens to be the final image in a series of photographs taken during Opie's 10-day journey across the Pacific Ocean aboard a container ship from Korea. Each day, she photographed one sunset and one sunrise.
October 5, 2012 - March 24, 2013

California Heritage Museum
Aloha Spirit: Hawaii's Influence on the California Lifestyle is a collection of Hawaiian decor and objects found in the home. The exhibit includes a fully recreated dining room and living room.
Ends September 30, 2012

Gotta DANCE!: The Art of the Dance Movie Poster displays posters mostly crafted during the Golden Age of film (1930-1950), including works touted abroad. A rarely recognized art form, the exhibit not only focuses on movie posters, but the use of dance and movement as a promotional tool.
Ends September 30, 2012

Imagine feet dipped in human blood leaving prints along the sidewalk in order to speak out for human rights in Guatemala. This is the kind of work that Regina José Galindo creates -- full of symbolism, performative, and using the body as a vehicle for expression. For the MOLAA Project Room: Vulnerable, Galindo creates a new piece about privilege and non-privilege.
Ends September 30, 2012

Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Brian Bress is an emerging multi-media artist. For his first solo exhibit, Interventions, he displays five video portraits, which slowly morph within their frames, creating a sense of surprise and perhaps, unease.
Ends September 30, 2012


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