Museums This Week: Failure, Punk T-Shirts, & More

Permission to Fail, 2010, Macha Suzuki | image via Laguna Art Museum

Museums This Week is a guide to what's going on with exhibitions around Southern California. For recent openings, browse them here.


Laguna Art Museum
In ex·pose: Macha Suzuki, the artist explores failure as a positive place of growth and renewal. "Combining representation and abstract forms, he suspends figurative elements in a place of fantasy, with bright colors and glossy surfaces."
November 4, 2012-January 20, 2013

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Permission to Play is an accompanying exhibit in the Young Artists Society Gallery, where students with CoachArt create works inspired by Suzuki.
November 4, 2012-January 20, 2013

Executive Director Malcolm Warner curates from the museum's permanent collection. On display will be the earliest known oil painting to be created in California: San Gabriel Mission by Ferdinand Deppe (c. 1832).
November 4, 2012-January 20, 2013

Additional Recent Openings
Laguna Art Museum
Timothy J. Clark is a watercolor painter. The exhibition includes landscape, still life, and figural works dating from 1993 to the present.

For all those punk rockers out there, it's time to see your favorite t-shirt in a museum.
RIPPED: Expressions from the Underground "explores the art and influence of punk rock on design and culture," through memorabilia.
November 9-December 22

By François Bruére | image via The Petersen


Chinese American Museum
Local artists are invited in (de)Constructing Chinatown, and re-imagining a more relevant artistic portrayal of the iconic community.
Ends November 4, 2012

Long Beach Museum of Art
Tourists can see places in a unique light. Buena Vista: California Painters in Mexico (Hecho en México: Terra Cotta Post Cards) displays the California painter's vision of Mexico.
Ends November 4, 2012

The Muckenthaler
Open Your Eyes/ Abre Los Ojos celebrates Fullerton's Sister City of Morelia, Mexico through art focusing on Mexican and Mexican-American Art in the Michoacan region.
Ends November 4, 2012

Natural History Museum
The Spider Pavilion is closing for the year. Don't miss this last chance to inspect the arachnids in their free-range environment. Check out KCET's video from a visit last year.
Ends November 4, 2012

The Petersen Automotive Museum
Only one more day to see artwork of François Bruére on the Art Wall at the Petersen. "Since 1982, he has dedicated himself to the arts, honing his drawing, painting and sculpting skills in addition to illustrating motorcycle and car magazines and books."
Ends November 4, 2012


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