Museums This Week: Exhibit Closings Before the Holiday Break

Michael Queenland: Rudy's Ramp of Remainders, Installation, 2012, Courtesy the Santa Monica Museum of Art, Photo by Monica Orozco | Image via SMMoA
Museums This Week is a guide to what's going on with exhibitions around Southern California. For recent openings, browse them here.

Santa Monica Museum of Art
Michael Queenland: Rudy's Ramp of Remainders is a sculptural installation inspired by Rudis Resterampe -- which roughly translates to "Rudy's Pile of Leftovers" -- and a German discount store filled with surplus scraps of textile and ephemera, which Queenland discovered in Berlin.
Ends December 22, 2012

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Agnes Denes was an influential pioneer of the Environmental and Conceptual Art movements, using mathematics, cartography and physical sciences to create a "visual philosophy" of existence. Agnes Denes: Body Prints, Philosophical Drawings, and Map Projections, 1969 - 1978 displays key works by this Land (and body) artist. Includes images of genitalia impressed onto graph paper.
Ends December 22, 2012

For all those punk rockers out there, it's your last chance to see your favorite t-shirt in a museum.
RIPPED: Expressions from the Underground "explores the art and influence of punk rock on design and culture," through memorabilia.
Ends December 22, 2012


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