Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time

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Don't worry, everyone. It won't be this cold in Los Angeles forever. And once the sun gods decide to shine upon us again, we can all go back to laughing at the rest of America for their poor choice of location. Until then, there are plenty of fantastic events happening all over Los Angeles to keep us preoccupied and (more importantly) out of the weather. Here are a few of our favorites this week.

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After officially kicking off last weekend, Pasadena Cheeseburger Week is going strong through Friday. The second annual event piggybacks on Pasadena's more traditional Restaurant Week, but puts burger lovers in the driver's seat. Beef and bun aficionados can expect tasty concoctions from popular eateries like The Haven Gastropub and Pie N' Burger and upscale spots like Vertical Wine Bistro. You can rank your favorites or go head-to-head with other eaters for total burger supremacy as part of their Cheeseburger Challenge.

If you can't make it out to Pasadena any time soon, consider grabbing a bite downtown before heading over the Mark Taper Auditorium at the Central Library. The popular reading series ALOUD returns tonight with a discussion and reading selection from Amy Wilentz, whose latest work Farewell, Fred Voodoo: A Letter From Haiti is causing quite a stir. The already popular author has focused her attention on Haiti as of late, and this tome details the rise, fall, tragedy and resilience of the Haitian people. Or, if you're up for something more lighthearted, Eddie Izzard continues his multi-show stand at Largo at the Coronet on La Cienega. The British funnyman has been honing material in preparation for an upcoming tour by doing multiple shows at the venue, all for the relatively cheap price of $25. As you can imagine, the tickets tend to go fast, so check the schedule for an upcoming date and book quickly.

On Wednesday night and Thursday night, the fine brewers at AleSmith out of San Diego will be taking over one of two different Pitfire Pizza locations for a Brewer's Night, with $2 pints. The first event takes place at the Fairfax location, and the Thursday round happens at the downtown Pitfire. Both spots will tapping AleSmith kegs from 5pm to 10pm, with plenty of lively conversation between brewers and patrons. Elsewhere on Wednesday evening, the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Los Angeles will be hosting a cocktail and appetizer soiree at Chaya Downtown in anticipation of the release of their latest dining guide. The group, which works to create sustainable and fair business practices in the food industry, will be shelling out copies of their latest sustainable dining directory, as well as the book Behind the Kitchen Door, which details worker treatment and business issues in the food workplace.

For the weekend, you can rejoice in the return of the NHL. Despite a protracted labor negotiation that took half of the season, the Los Angeles Kings remain the Stanley Cup Champions, and they're opening up the season at home against the Chicago Blackhawks on Saturday afternoon. The event will include a Cup ceremony, so be prepared to possibly shell out serious dollars for your seat. And on Sunday, The Cinefamily is screening the documentary Black, White + Gray, which offers an unflinching look at photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and curator Sam Wagstaff. Mapplethorpe's controversial works are currently on display at LACMA.

After this week is over, the sunshine and warmth will return to Southern California, and all will be right in the world. Until then, stay safe, stay warm, and if you need to stay indoors, use this handy guide to tell you where to go.

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Weekly Fun: Events to Guide Your Free Time