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It's Election Day! As always, your number one event priority should be to get out and vote, then sit back and watch the live results roll in. Of course, with all of the lead up to today's big battle, there's no doubt you'd like to spend the rest of your week unwinding from all of the madness. That's why we've assembled a great line-up of recommended events for you this week.

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First up is a little beer and voting mash up, with local eatery / sports bar Barney's Beanery. The Southern California mini-chain has a tradition of turning the election into a reason to celebrate with a pint, and this year's Beer Vote 2012 is no exception. The concept is simple: two tap handles are given over to pictures of each candidate, and you vote by ordering a beer from whichever tap you support. And, just like in real life, the votes are tallied as the night goes on.

If you're looking for something a bit more practical, there are a few garden-minded events going down this week, both in Altadena. The first is a water-wise gardeningworkshop, where novices, landscapers and homeowners can gather to discuss and implement ways to reduce their water usage. Or, stick around until Saturday, when there's a native California plant sale at the Eaton Canyon Nature Center. The gigantic event features over 1,500 native plant species for sale, most of which can drastically help to lower your environmental impact when put into use in your home or garden.

Or, perhaps you're just looking or a nice, stiff drink. Who could blame you, after the madness of the election. First, there's a scotch tasting from 120-year old Scottish distillery The Balvenie going down on Friday night. The one-night event is going down at the Morton's Steakhouse on La Cienega, and the rumor is there will even be bagpipes on hand. Or, keep your options open with the 4th Annual Savor the Flavor event, which brings together local craft beer and a variety of spirits for unlimited tastings on Saturday evening. And if that's not doing it for you, there's even a wine event on Sunday to really give you options. The Pinot Days celebration is actually an array of satellite events celebrating the noblest California-grown grape, but the main Grand Tasting is happening on Sunday at 2pm. And with a weekend full of drinking like that, you've really got something to look forward to as you stand in line to vote today.

For more weekly events visit kcet.org/events.

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