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There's never any shortage of great things to do in this city, from food and drinks to nightlife, sports, art, cinema and everything in between. If you're ever at a loss, head over to the KCET Events page for helpful tips on where to go and what to do. Or, you can do like we've done and ask the experts directly. In this recurring series, KCET talks to some of L.A.'s most interesting people to get an idea of what they're about, and - more importantly - how they're spending their weekends.

First up is Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark, two hilarious women with a bursting About Us section on their website. Between their Cooking Channel show Unique Sweets, their Classy Ladies webseries, Slumber Party podcast or even their work here at KCET, it's hard to imagine two harder-working women in the worlds of food / comedy / fun. So, what's going on with Alie & Georgia?

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KCET: How did you two meet, and, more importantly, who first broke the ice about wanting to collaborate on meat cocktails?

Alie & Georgia: We met while one of us (Georgia) was peeing in a bush. True story. In her defense, the line for the bathroom at the hipster bar we were at was prohibitively long. So our entire friendship began on a kind of shamelessly hilarious note. We became fast friends, and would always joke that after work, we should meet and have dinner/drink/dessert in one glass --then invented a fictitious abomination called a "McNuggetini." Cut to us asking our director friend Peter Atencio (now of Comedy Central fame) to shoot us making real-life McNuggetinis in Georgia's grandma's kitchen. The rest is internet history.

KCET: You currently have a Cooking Channel show, a podcast, a YouTube channel, and you write all sorts of things about food and cocktails all over Los Angeles, including for KCET. How do you manage your time and not just end up sleeping off your hangovers all day?

Alie & Georgia: We both had hardcore dayjobs before this, so the threat of having to eat cold leftovers out of Tupperware under florescent lights is a big motivator to work hard despite not having a "boss." And in terms of the food/booze: Balance is key! Because we have to drink so much for work, not to mention eat a ton of pastries for our gig on Unique Sweets, we've learned the art of moderation. It took us gaining and losing 10-15 pounds each, but eventually we figured it out. Also, we made the mistake of choosing tight fitting, delicate vintage dresses as our look. If we could go back and do it again, we would have shot the McNuggetini in like, jeggings and hoodies.

KCET: Assuming you can't find a ham daiquiri or McNuggetini at your favorite local watering hole, what's a nice fall drinking alternative?

Alie & Georgia: Fernet is a great, warming fall ingredient to add to your cocktails. We like the Fernet Cocktail at Harvard & Stone. The Eveleigh's Lion's Tail adds allspice dram along with bourbon and fresh lime which makes for a nicely spiced sipping drink.

KCET: As two out-and-about ladies, where will you be eating and drinking this pre-Halloween weekend?

Alie & Georgia: Aside from figuring out what the hell we'll be for Halloween (Betty & Wilma? Daria & Jane? Laverne & Shirley?), there are so many fun things happening in town this weekend. Villain's Tavern is having a "Worship the Pig" party where they'll be roasting a whole hog, playing fun games (skee ball! giant Jenga!) and of course serving great cocktails. On Saturday night we're hitting up the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for the Dia de Los Muertos festival to stuff our skull-painted faces with tacos, of course. On Sunday we'll be at Cinefamily to watch Pat Heely be a creep in Complience, followed by a midnight showing of cult classic Dead & Buried. Oh, and if we don't take boys to the Haunted Hayride, then we failed at Halloween.

KCET: What's next for you two, short of a heart-attack inducing Epic Meal Time collaboration?

Alie & Georgia: Oh god that would be amazing! We love EMT. We just wrapped shooting on our second season of Unique Sweets, which is currently on Cooking Channel on Sunday nights. We got to travel the country and stuff our faces with the best sweets, and then talk about them on camera. It's pretty much the best job ever. Our webseries, Classy Ladies, has new episodes on CookingChannelTv.com and now on YouTube. As for our own show, it's still a little hush hush, but we may be moving from your computer screens to, well, slightly bigger screens. That's all we're allowed to say. For now.

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Far be it from me to argue with the lovely ladies - who I had the pleasure of seeing in person at a Top Chef event last year and they were sparkly and delightful in person - but may I also suggest Renaud Capucon performing Korngold & Mahler @ Walt Disney Concert Hall? (I will be there! I mean, I will also be working, but still.) There's far more info about this lovely weekend of lush, dark music here: http://laphil.com/Korngold. Enjoy your weekend, all!