Komodo: Fusion Tacos and Meatballs

It's time for this week's installment of Free Lunch, "Where You're the Reviewer."

For this episode, we took kcet.org commenter Clara Lee - aka clee920 - to Komodo, a food truck that's gone brick-and-mortar with a brand new store in the Kosher Corridor. Truck afficionados have nothing to worry about though: Komodo trucks will still be serving street food with what they describe as a "gourmet twist."

Free Lunch reviewer Clara Lee.

Wallpaper showing the Komodo Truck.

Clara sampled three of their classic tacos: the Komodo 2.0 steak, asian marinated chicken and java pork. She liked each taco more than the other, although, at the end of the day, she'd likely pass on the Komodo 2.0. Clara also ordered meatballs-which she loves-but they were too heavy and she would have preferred eating half an order. All in all, she thinks Komodo is a steal and would recommend it to anyone that happens to be in that westside neighborhood.

Komodo 2.0 and Asian Marinated Chicken tacos.

Java Taco (shredded pork Indonesian rendang curry with cucumber salad.

Meatballs with Romesco sauce.

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Hi! Woo-hoo! Free and KCET have teamed up, what a wonderful deal. Let me know when you want to review the original Kogi BBQ truck...they have amazing food! I have not tried the brick restaurant yet but I hear it is amazing.


I've only tried a taco from their truck but I loved it and will definitely have to give their brick and mortar store a go the next time I am in that neck of the woods :) Great job, Clara!