Good Girl Dinette: Banh Mi and Pot Pie

Welcome to Free Lunch! This week we accompanied blogger and photographer Cathy Chaplin and writer Lien Ta to one of their favorite restaurants in Highland Park, Good Girl Dinette. The two women are Vietnamese-American, as is Good Girl's owner, Diep Tran, so they feel a kinship with the restaurant ... and its pot pie.

Cathy Chaplin and Lien Ta

Chicken Pot Pie

Another all-star dish on Good Girl's menu is the oyster mushroom banh mi. The mushrooms (and the jalepenos, as Cathy explained) aren't traditional ingredients in the sandwich, but the pickled vegetables and soft baguette are.

Mushroom Banh Mi

Chef Diep changes the menu seasonally, and on our visit long beans (very similar to green beans) from the farmers' market were on the menu. The beans were stir-fried in a sauce that posed a bit of a mystery to Lien and Cathy, though they suspect it was mostly Maggi Seasoning, a staple from their childhoods.

Long Beans

Chef Diep took some time out of her prep work to speak to us about the mission of her neighborhood restaurant, too.

Diep Tran

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Good Girl Dinette
110 N Avenue 56
Los Angeles, CA 90042
(323) 257-8980


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oooh. i have ggd pork confit in my belly and so happy. thanks for a great din! and, the servers read minds!


love this series! it's fun to see 'regular' people with a passion for food share their passions with us!

i love ink.sack on Melrose, which also has a great banh mi amongst a number of other great sandwiches and spiced fruit - should definitely try that out as the next restaurant in your series, especially since they are open exclusively for lunch!