Veronica's Kitchen: Fufu & Okra Soup with Goat Meat

It's Thursday! Time for another edition of Free Lunch, "Where You're the Reviewer."

This week we ventured out to a little strip mall in the San Fernando Valley in order to treat commenter Ha Nguyen to some Fufu - don't you just love the sound of that? - which is a staple food of West and Central Africa. The restaurant Ha picked is called Veronica's Kitchen: "The Fufu Land" and serves Nigerian cuisine. It has two locations, one in the Valley and the other in Inglewood.

Ha Nguyen.

Ha, a lawyer and self-described foodie (just take a look at his blog), was feeling adventurous and proceeded to order fufu with an okra and goat meat stew. He liked the spiciness of the stew, describing it as "super flavorful," but, eating the meal in a traditional Nigerian fashion - with your hands - was quite challenging for him.

Fufu, goat stew with okra and plantains.

If you enjoy spicy food, are feeling adventurous like Ha, or simply miss eating this type of cuisine, Veronica's just might be the place for you.

Close-up of the goat stew with okra.

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Veronica's Kitchen
15355 Sherman Way
Van Nuys, CA 91406
(818) 781-3015 ‎

Veronica's Kitchen
528 W. Manchester Boulevard
Inglewood, CA 90301
(310) 673-4890


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Great to get out of LA a bit and find these extraordinary places that not only feed you but also can provide an educational session. Fufu + the goat okra stew remind me of the utensil-less ways of eating Thali in India (Roti and stews) or an Ethopian meal of Injera and okra stew. Thanks for sharing - can't wait to try Fufu!