Where Do L.A. Women Get Their Science-Recommended Daily Drinks?

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Perhaps you happened upon this study about how drinking one or two alcoholic beverages a day can help women prevent a loss in bone density -- or perhaps a lush friend of yours forwarded it along to you as a way to coerce you into meeting up at a bar. The point is, science(!) is telling ladies they should drink more, which can only be a good thing! But where does an L.A.-habitating gal go to enjoy a drink?

To find out, I decided to go the very-much-unscientific route of just asking a bunch of female friends. (Not necessarily my most boozed-inclined friends, mind you, as much as the ones who happened to be easily accessible on gchat, Facebook, or other "zen surveying" means.) Here are their responses:


My favorite is Bar 107, and this was before I lived three blocks away from it. There's always fun music, it's always lively, they serve tall boys for $5. If you would have asked me this 4 years ago, I would have told you Beauty Bar in Hollywood, because it was an excellent place to whore out at.

Kristin Wong:

I like this dive bar called Starlite in the Valley because it's laid back, the drinks are cheap and you can actually hear your conversation. Also, they have a pool table.

Arine Hayrapetian:

I would say Copa D'Oro in Santa Monica because of their interesting drink concoctions and the '20s-style decor.

Michelle Garakian:

Definitely the Tee Gee, mostly cause it's always practically empty, everybody there is weird, old, a bar drunk, or all three. It's got mystery (there's a strange back room?), an OK jukebox, and a strong vodka soda.

Tiffany Shin:

I like drinking at home because it's cheap and I don't have to worry about making a damn fool of myself.

Hayley Terris:

As an L.A. native with a love of all things alcohol and a jump start on the bar scene (thanks to that fake ID I got when I was 17...), I've spent the better part of my adulthood drinking my way across this city, sampling the libations at every divey, douchey, Hollywoody, and hipstery place within county lines. My heart and liver, however, belong to Tom Bergin's, a place that shits on the word "mixologist" and is full of L.A. (and my own family's) history. Sip on enough perfectly-poured Guinnesses to earn your own shamrock, which you can pin anywhere on the walls next to mine, my mom's, aunt's, uncle's, and everyone else's from this city. Great jukebox, nice whiskey, killer stew, and a bold and strong Irish coffee keep me coming back more times than I care to admit.

Elsa O'Callaghan

Little Bar in Miracle Mile, but only on Sunday because the music is quiet and no one is there.

Megan Berru:

Liquid Kitty on Pico. Fantastic bartenders, killer martinis, and regulars that don't identify en masse with any given "type." Plus, their seasonal egg nog can coax even the worst Grinch into the holiday spirit.

Jessica Hay:

The Terrace on Washington, almost to the beach, and Tony P's in Marina Del Rey. The Terrace is a locals place, comfortable, not fancy, etc. Plus super good food all day. Tony P's because they're great for watching games, decent food, a great local Marina crowd, the staff are fantastic and super fun. Also, neither place is a creepy meat market where I get hit on a lot. (Although, to be honest, I never get hit on. Haha.)

Melissa Okey:

Tiki No, because it is within walking distance of my house and their Mai Tais are good and pretty reasonably priced. Although, that is really a trick question, because my favorite place to drink is on my couch. That's where I get the best deal on exactly the kind of wine that I like.

Andrea Martinez:

Frank n Hanks in Koreatown. It's welcoming, comfortable, and predictably wonderful. The bartender, Snow, ages gracefully with the memory of an elephant. People have mistakenly ordered "snow-knows" drinks for their friends who are regulars, not realizing that it's "Snow knows [what I drink]". And also Gold Room in Echo Park. Even through its numerous cosmetic transformations, this place has stayed tried and true to great prices, great service, and free tacos/quesadillas for the faithful patrons. I love to go early when it's nice and quiet and have conversation with friends, I love to go late when it's loud and rock out on the dance floor. A guaranteed fun time anytime.

Irene Lin:

Since I'm not much of a drinker, I don't really have a favorite bar. But the bone density thing opens up more issues for me. I'm Asian, so, I'm at-risk for osteoporosis already, right? So the findings of the study would make me think that drinking more would be beneficial. Having said that, I'm worried about liver issues and also I have that gene mutation or whatever it is where I can't breakdown alcohol and I have "The Asian Glow." I think in the end it just gives people another excuse to drink more alcohol. Sorry, I'm an analyst -- I can't give a straight answer without exploring all the possibilities. Do you regret asking me for a quote now?

So, then. What did we learn from all of this? Well, some of my friends who happen to be female enjoy drinking alcohol at bars. Some of them do not. All of them have something to say about it.


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