Scenes from the 626 Night Market

The 626 Night Market held in Pasadena last Saturday was highly anticipated by foodies and lovers of Asian culture all across the Southland -- ultimately, too highly anticipated, as the event suffered from a problem so many organizers of erstwhile food truck rallies could only dream of: far too many people.

The event, dreamed up by a couple from Taiwan looking to recreate a taste of home, seemed a bit ad hoc at first. Then, a surprisingly comprehensive list of food vendors was released, and the populace took interest. And on the night of the event, the police arrived to send everyone home.

But before that happened, for one brief shining moment at about 5pm, before the crowds got angry about the lines and started sending out angry tweets, the night market was a revelry of Asian food and cultures, with happy people shopping and dancing and eating. Next time, maybe the good mood will last all night -- fingers crossed, as it's a fun idea.

[Photos by A. Rios/R.E.]

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