Better Breakfast Month in L.A.

September is Better Breakfast Month! And by better, we mean tastier -- no low calorie claims here. If you were looking for an excuse to venture out some weekend (or weekday) morning for some AM eats, this is it. With fresh, local food available all year long, Los Angeles has a leg up on the breakfast front, and we've got a gallery of some of the best the city has to offer. Wake up and smell the bacon! (And red velvet and roasted veggies and prosciutto...)

French toast with fruit at Square One | Photo: Hane C. Lee/Flickr/Creative Commons License
Pastries at Huckleberry | Photo courtesy Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe
Cliff's Edge baked eggs and grits with toast | Photo courtesy Cliff's Edge
Red velvet chocolate chip pancakes fromThe Buttermilk Truck | Photo: Muy Yum/Flickr/Creative Commons License
Waffles, bacon, and an egg at Madame Matisse | Photo: S.K./Flickr/Creative Commons License
Eggs over vegetables at Canelé | Photo courtesy Canelé
Alegria's Breakfast Burrito | Photo courtesy Alegria on Sunset
Eggs with sausage at Forage in Silver Lake | Photo courtesy Forage
Breakfast pizza at Little Dom's | Photo courtesy Little Dom's
Hot cereal and parfait at Alcove Cafe | Photos courtesy Alcove Cafe
Eggslut Truck's breakfast special | Photo courtesy Eggslut

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