Celebrate Chocolate Custard Day Many Different Ways

Whenever there's a nationally-announced day of food reckoning for something extremely specific and unpopular (say, National Brussels Sprouts Day), our jaded sides come out and we imagine a middle-aged, balding, suit-wearing lobbyist getting key members of the Food Holiday Council extremely wasted and having them sign away a day on the calendar. But for an event like today, National Chocolate Custard Day, the conversation couldn't have lasted longer than 5 seconds: "How about Chocolate Custard ..." "Stop right there. Done." So today, we honor the decision by bringing photos of the delicious milk, cream, and/or egg yolk dessert in all of its various forms from places in the Los Angeles area. In this case, it means not only custard itself, but a whole bunch of custard-adjacent delicacies, because, c'mon, why not?

[Photo of coffee ice cream on custard, alongside a mandarin sorbet on panna cotta, from Lukshon in Culver City. Photo by Flickr user KayOne73.]

[The Dirt Cake Ice Box Dessert Shot from Santa Monica's Vanilla Bake Shop. Photo by Flickr user Muy Yum.]

[A dessert with milk chocolate mousse, peanut butter ice cream and caramelized peanuts from Ozumo in Santa Monica. Photo by Flickr user Muy Yum.]

[Chocolate pudding from L.A.'s The Public Kitchen. Photo by Flickr user One More Bite Blog.]

[Chocolate pudding from The Six Restaurant in Culver City. Photo by Flickr user Muy Yum.]

[The Harvest Spice cake, with white chocolate pumpkin mousse and cranberry sauce, from Roy's Hawaiian Fusion in downtown L.A. Photo by Flickr user KayOne73.]

[The Chocolate Rock from Saam at The Bazaar in Beverly Hills. Photo by Flickr user Foodie Buddha.]

[The California Avocado Chocolate Mousse from the Flickr user California Avocados.]

[Chocolate and hazelnut mousse bar from Celadon in Napa. Photo by Flickr user t-bet.]

[Feuillentine au Caramel from The French Laundry in Napa. Photo by Flickr user ulterior epicure.]

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