The French Dip: a tale from Los Angeles from Joris Debeij on Vimeo.

An Animated History Of The French Dip in Los Angeles

The battle for French dip supremacy still carries on to this day, a century after it was first invented. It's one of L.A.'s most frightening turf wars. This battle between two downtown restaurants, Cole's and Philippe's the Original, will probably never be truly resolved, but least we food nerds can do is hear out both sides.

Filmmaker Joris Debeij, who contributes to KCET's Land of Sunshine blog, grew up in the Netherlands, where the Philly cheesesteak was something he had a passing familiarity with. But it wasn't until his arrival in Los Angeles that he learned of the vaguely similar French dip sandwich, and decided to tell its story. Here it is, in a fantastic combo of live action and animation.

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