Friday Feast: Food Writing This Week

The most flavorful and nutritious food writing from around the web this week. Besides our own delectable articles, of course.

Irish Whiskey Makes A Comeback: Seeing as St. Patrick's Day is but a wee few hours away, it'd be wrong of us to ignore this article at Food Republic about how Irish whiskey -- you know, stuff besides the ubiquitous Jameson's -- is making a comeback. Pay close attention to the list of 10 irish whiskeys that closes out the piece. Try them all this St. Patrick's Day! (Don't really, please.)

I Was A Cookbook Ghostwriter: The New York Times has an amazing piece by Julia Moskin about how those massive cookbooks by celebrity chefs are written and published each year. You didn't think Martha Stewart was really writing all of that, did you?

A Hedonist's Guide to Healthy Trips: Go on a trip to Hawaii, Las Vegas or New Orleans, and you kind of have to pig out and live a vice-filled lifestyle for a bit. Or else, what's the point of even going? Well, as The Atlantic's Michael Endelman points out, you can reign in your sinful behavior and still actually have a good time.

An Eating Tour of Boyle Heights: While this is less "reading" than it is "watching a video," we'll make an exception this week. In the video, KCRW's Gillian Ferguson and blogger Noah Allison head into L.A.'s Boyle Heights to try out some of the best tacos, conchas, and bean and cheese burritos the city has to offer.

Here are the Super-Secret Wines the Obamas served at Last Night's State Dinner: Want to drink like a Commander-in-Chief? Or, more specifically, a guest of the Commander-in-Chief? Grub Street has the lowdown.

Q&A with Jiro Dreams of Sushi Director David Gelb: There are few more buzzed-about foodie movies out there than Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a documentary about an 86-year-old sushi chef who runs one of the most acclaimed sushi joints out of a subway station hole-in-the-wall. L.A. Weekly has an interview with 28-year-old director about this film.

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