Friday Feast: Food Writing This Week

There are two schools of thought when it comes to being a "success" -- (1) you must work as hard as possible on one thing, blinders firmly on so nothing else gets in your way; (2) you should be well-rounded in your education and be able to discuss whatever anyone throws out at you, Renaissance Man or Woman style. We are firm believers in the latter course, which is why, once again, we step out from L.A. proper and offer you the choicest food writing from around the world.

The Iced Coffee Economy: Why the Cold Stuff Costs More: Grub Street tackles one of the great mysterious of life that has long gone unanswered -- why is it that cold coffee actually costs more than hot coffee? The investigation goes through everything from the price of lids, cups, and even the added cost of a straw.

Red Meat Blues: Frank Bruni, the New York Times restaurant critic, talks about the dark side that comes with feasting on so many rich dishes for your job -- one of these days, you're going to end up with the gout.

Chicago, that tippling town: Every time I head back to my sweet home of Chicago -- generally in the dead of winter which, you know, is easily the worst time to visit there -- I end up checking onto my return flight to L.A. with an extra 5-7 pounds packed on. No joke. And why? Because of the insanely rich food and, as this article points out, the barrels and barrels of alcohol.

Overhauling the Farm Bill: Planting for the Future with Perennials: The Atlantic continues its series about the debate surrounding The Farm Bill -- one of the most important agricultural pieces of legislature that comes around for renewal once every five years or so -- with a book excerpt that goes through what's wrong with our current soil-depleting farming methods and how to change them.

An L.A. Sushi Tour with 'Jiro' Director David Gelb: Alright, alright. No doubt you're sick of us going on and on about seeing the amazing documentary, "Jiro Dreams of Sushi." But this piece at Los Angeles magazine, where director David Gelb points out the best sushi places in L.A., cannot simply pass without us mentioning. And it gives us another moment to remind you to read KCET's interview with Gelb.

[Photo of probably-way-too-expensive iced coffee by itchys/Flickr.]

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