Friday Feast: Food Writing This Week

The key to a well-balanced life is a well-balanced diet. And that not only means food, but reading about food. So, as is our custom, here's the best food writing from around the web.

I Am a Reverse Coyote: Smuggling Food Tourists Into Tijuana: At LA Weekly, Bill Esparza makes a case that our just south-of-the-border neighbors have the best street food in all of North America as he tells the tale of "smuggling" food tourists into Tijuana. The rules he gives his food tourists ("no fanny packs or flip-flops, no Hawaiian shirts, and bring something nice to wear for going out at night") really should be used by everyone, for everything.

'Larry,' Quaker of Oatmeal Fame, Gets a Makeover: So much of what we eat has to do with marketing. There's a reason ad execs are paid oodles of money to come up with catchy slogans ("Theeeey're Greeeeat!") or memorable kids-friendly characters. So if you're interested at all in this kind of psychological manipulation, this piece at Wall Street Journal about Quaker making subtle changes to their famed cartoon spokes-head is worth reading.

Ryan Skeen Explains His Career: The Highs, the Lows, and the Exits: Grub Street has a pretty compelling interview with chef Ryan Skeen, one of the more colorful characters of New York's food scene. For the past 10 years, Skeen's gotten fame as being one of the more, let's say, particular chefs, up-and-leaving restaurants when things weren't going the way he wanted. The interview retraces N.Y. food scene's past decade through his various gigs.

Do Children Harvest Your Food? As new public-knowledge initiatives like Good Food Day LA realize, the best way for people to understand the food going inside of their bodies is to learn who's making/growing/harvesting said food. Which is why this article by The Atlantic's Helene York, about how children are harvesting one-quarter of the crops we eat, is necessary reading.

The Corn Bread Matters Most: Was that last one too depressing for ya? Here, then. It's all about Cambridge's East Coast Grill and their long-loved and utterly delicious corn bread. Corn bread cheers everyone up!

[Photo of Tijuana border by oggiedog/Flickr.]

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