Friday Feast: Food Writing This Week

While we certainly have plenty of great food writing of our own, if we don't say so ourselves, the grand expanses of the World Wide Web is chock-full of other great writing worth checking out. Here is this week's best.

Relish - An M.V.P. Now Sidelined: If you notice a little giddy-up in our step this week, there's a good chance it's due to baseball finally coming back into our lives. And with our National Pastime back in full swing -- so to speak -- it means all that delicious ballpark food, and the instantaneous regret that comes with eating it, is back. With that in mind, here's a piece from The New York Times about how relish, a vital component to the best hot dogs and hamburgers, seems to be missing nowadays.

New York's Finger Lakes: The Next Great Wine Region in America?: We spend a whole lot of time carrying on about the great wine offerings you can find in our backyard -- and for good reason, seeing as California produces about 90 percent of the country's vino -- but it's always nice to keep in mind there are wines from all over worth giving a shot. This article from The Atlantic offers one region to keep in mind.

Our Tacos, Ourselves: How Southern California Reinvented the Taco: If you've spent any time at all walking the streets of L.A., you know how important the taco is. Taco trucks, taco stands, restaurants with taco deals advertised in the windows -- rare is the eating establishment without some version of our beloved taco available. Over at LA Weekly, Gustavo Arellano details the history of the taco in Los Angeles and how it has since been reinvented for a new generation.

Kosher sausage biz a hit for Crown Heights cooking duo debuting first ever Passover links: While the title is certainly a bit unwieldy -- let's go, NY Daily News editors! -- this story about, well, what the title says, is definitely worth checking out.

Weird Foods: Eating the Embryonic Duck Eggs Known As Balut: And finally, while this is less "food writing" and more "food video taping and commenting about said video taping," Grub Street has an interesting piece regarding "one of the most spoken about and dreaded of all meat delicacies" -- the Filipino dish balut. That is embryonic duck egg. It is, yes, kind of gross.

[Photo of ballpark hot dog by wynk/Flickr.]

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