Friday Feast: Food Writing This Week

Sure, every now and then we bring you substantial journalism like eating many hot dogs at Dodger Stadium and drinking many beers in Burbank, but, believe it or not, there's actually great food writing from places other than here. Here's the best we could find.

Q & A With Drew Barrymore: L.A. Cravings, Dying Art Forms & Barrymore Wines: Hot on the heels of her new wine-making venture, LA Weekly has a sprawling interview with L.A.'s own Drew Barrymore about her favorite places to nosh in greater Los Angeles and her love affair with California wine.

The Exceedingly Strange World of Federal Crop Insurance Subsidies: There's, admittedly, so much of the actual ins-and-outs of food industry lawmaking that goes completely over our heads. So it's nice when a piece, such as this one over at The Atlantic regarding how the government doles out subsidies and insurance policies, breaks it down gently.

Thomas Keller Takes on the Recipes of a French Master: Mark Bittman over at the New York Times tells the tale of Fernand Point, a World War II-era French chef who left few records of his amazing -- and butter-filled -- dishes. To celebrate a reprint of his recipes, Bittman and Thomas Keller get together to test-cook the dishes and provide some of Point's more (ahem) pointed sayings, like, "Butter! Give me butter! Always butter!" Indeed, Sir Point.

Comedian Maria Bamford: Paula Deen's Recipes 'Are Like a Suicide Note': We have few rules around here, but one of them is that whenever there's an excuse to link to a video of Maria Bamford, we have to take it. It's not even that we want to -- even though, yes, Bamford is one of our favorite comedians -- but that's just the law around these parts. So, when we stumbled upon this post of Bamford's take on Paula Deen's recipe list, well, it was obligatory to link it.

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