Friday Feast: Food Writing This Week

This week we reviewed Cedars-Sinai's hospital food, went to Taco Zone and showcased the best pretzels in L.A. And now, as is our duty and pleasure, we take you to the best food writing outside of our own pages.

What You Need to Know About Mad Cow Disease: Are you one of those worry-warts who throw themselves into a months-long panic whenever news reports surface of a small disease outbreak happening half-way across the world, causing you to instinctively drop your laptop and head over to the store to stock up on canned goods and batteries, seeing as this is clearly the imminent global apocalypse? Then this news about an American cow testing positive for the dreaded Mad Cow Disease is probably giving you ulcers. Fear not, though, for Marion Nestle at The Atlantic has some calming facts you might want to read first. Her assessment: "The risk of you getting this disease from eating beef is extremely small." Hooray!

I'm Sick of People Thinking Vegan Food is Healthy: Jason Kessler at Bon Appetit addresses something that's also gotten our goat over the past few years -- people who flaunt their healthiness by "going vegan," only to order the most fattening and unhealthy dishes while at vegan restaurants. Kessler, to make his point, takes in the meatless buffalo wing recreation at L.A.'s Veggie Grill, which "has 20 percent of your daily sodium for every 100g of 'chickin'.' Add in the salty buffalo sauce and you've got yourself a sodium bomb fit for a king." Rub that in the face of all your terrible vegan friends!*

Japanese Soba, the Broth of Life: Mark Bittman at The New York Times talks about how he once tried to make a bowl of soba, the delicious Japanese noodles and broth, and failed miserably. Instead of simply casting aside the dish and focusing on food offerings more in his wheelhouse, Bittman did what all great chefs do and consulted an expert in the field. Luckily, he also does what great reporters do and shared his findings with his readers.

Phil Rosenthal, Creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, on His Journey Through the World of Food: Phil Rosenthal, as you can tell by the title of this piece, is the creator of the long-beloved and much-syndicated television sitcom classic Everybody Loves Raymond. But besides giving your parents something to laugh at every week, he's also a big investor in a variety of L.A. restaurants. LA Weekly has a long-ranging interview with Rosenthal about his restaurant obsession.

*Jokes, everybody.

[Cow photo by Flickr user Joi.]

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