Friday Feast: Food Writing This Week

As is our Friday tradition around these parts, here's the greatest food writing we stumbled upon from around the web. Check them out, you know, as long as you already made sure to peruse our offerings, such as our historical look at The Brown Derby and a chat at the best Kansas City BBQ place in L.A.

Licorice: The Candy That Fights Diabetes: Well, isn't this a bit of good news for those of us with a sweet tooth? As detailed in this piece over at The Atlantic, "licorice root, the raw material for licorice candy, has now been hailed as containing substances with an anti-diabetic effect." And hey, what better time to get reacquainted with this newly-medicinal treat than by taking another look at our gallery of L.A.-based licorice treats?

Secret Suppers: Over at Los Angeles magazine, Lesley Bargar Suter sits down with chef Craig Thornton -- the man behind the secret, underground supper club Wolvesmouth -- and gets to the bottom of just what's so fascinating about these clandestine dinners.

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere: As we already detailed in this week's gallery on L.A.'s favorite hamburgers, summer is just around the corner so you better get your grilling supplies ready. And what better way to grill than with a perfectly-chilled, hand-crafted cocktail in your non-spatula'd hand? Which is why we're pointing you in the direction of this article by Mark Bittman over at the New York Times about cocktail recipes to try this summer.

The Original Food Trucks: It's a question that too obvious to ignore: With all of the expensive high-tech gourmet food trucks all the rage, what's happening to the old-fashioned mom-and-pop taco stands that have been part of the local scene for decades? As Patrick Nazario at LA Weekly finds out, they're converting.

[Photo of licorice at the Fairfax District Farmer's Market by Flickr user Thomas Hawk.]

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