Friday Feast: Food Writing This Week

A bee at work in Los Feliz. Photo courtesy Clinton Steeds/FlickrThe most exceptional, scrumptious and nutritious food writing from around the web this week. Besides our own delectable morsels, that is.

Hives for Hire: We already know that 80% of the world's almonds are grown in Southern California, but there would be no chance for such a crop if not for the 48 billion assistants. Marc Lifsher from the LA Times brings us the story of the bees imported into the area to pollinate the almond crop.

The Top Sommeliers of 2012: Among Food & Wine's list for the best wine connoisseurs in the country include right-in-our-backyard Eric Espuny from Pasadena's The Royce, who "packs his cellar with undiscovered new stars from his native France, along with great, often hard-to-find vintages from revered producers."

Umami Dearest: Mark Bittman from the New York Times tries to break us out of the rhythm of miso's most commonly-held misconception (spoiler: it's not just for soups) by offering up recipes for four of his favorite miso-based dishes.

Amuse Bouche: Dim Sum Pup: Los Angeles has a quick Q&A (quick, as in, one question) with the anonymous host of the underground and illegal pay-what-you-want supper club Wolvesmouth.

The American Way of Eating: What It's Like Picking Fruit as a Laborer: Tracie McMillian's been getting a lot of free publicity for her new book this week after being hounded by conservative commentary Rush Limbaugh, and The Atlantic has an excerpt wherein she goes undercover as a farmhand.

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