L.A. Loves Fruits and Veggies

While something as commonplace as fresh fruit and vegetables seems too ordinary and mundane to spend a day celebrating, let alone an entire month -- it'd almost be like saying, "June is Getting Stuck in Traffic on The 101 Month" -- if you think about it a bit, eating a fresh piece of fruit or a crisp vegetable might be a little more unique that you'd think. Reflect back on your last few meals. When was the last time you chowed down on an apple, or an orange, or chard, or a carrot, something that wasn't included in some kind of flash-frozen meal? Hopefully if you're reading this blog, it wasn't that long ago. But still, probably a bit too far in the past than you'd care to admit. So today, to celebrate Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month, here's a gallery of some local places where you can get your fresh produce and begin filling in some of those somewhat-neglected parts of the food pyramid.

The display at the Grand Central Market in downtown L.A. by Flickr user LWY.

A fruit display in L.A.'s Chinatown by Flickr user jasonippolito.

Cherries at the Encino Farmers' Market by Flickr user dichohecho.

Veggies on display at The Autry's Farmer's Market in Griffith Park.

Fruits and veggies from L.A.'s original Farmer's Market by Flickr user lachshand.

Whole lot of chard from the Encino Farmer's Market by Flickr user lachshand.

Some baby purple artichokes from the Hollywood Farmers' Market by Flickr user ExperienceLA.

Fresh strawberries from the Atwater Village Farmer's Market by Flickr user djjewelz.

Snap peas from the Atwater Village Farmer's Market by Flickr user djjewelz.

Whole bunch of veggies from the Santa Monica Farmer's Market by Flickr user Christi Nielsen.

Tomatoes from the Hollywood Farmers' Market.

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