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Inside Dory Fleet Fish Market

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The Dory Fleet fish market in Newport Beach has been providing the "catch of the day" straight from the boat to seafood lovers since 1891. This unique market is the last of its kind in the United States and was recognized as a permanent historical landmark in 1969. These days, early risers line up before dawn to get first dibs on a variety of seafood including stone crab, rock crab, live shrimp, sea urchins, black cod, rockfish and even lobster when it's in season.

One proud member of the Dory Fleet is Scott Breneman, owner of the West Caught Fish Company. He's been fishing his entire life, but has seen a decline in the number of fishermen over the years. But despite the strict regulations, expensive permits and equipment upkeep that have put some of his fellow fishermen out of business, he's optimistic about the fishing culture in Southern California.

Sunrise over the already crowded Dory Fleet just after 6:00 a.m.  Photos by Alicia Clark

Sea urchins for sale before dawn.

Dory Fleet customers are still lined up after daybreak.

Seagulls hover nearby for fresh fish scraps.

Fresh red snapper on ice.

Here's what lives on the Dory Fleet cutting room floor.

A Dory Fleet fishing boat right in its backyard.

Dory Fleet thanks its customers from around the world.

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