Photos From the Santa Monica Farmers' Market

The Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers' Market is a jewel of Southern California. I like to head over there as much as possible to see what the farmers are up to and what they're growing. The photos below highlight what's good this week!

Chard in every color

Even with the absurd heat we've been getting, spring greens are gorgeous and abundant

Artichokes and asparagus from Zuckerman's Farm

Big artichokes! It's still early in the season for them

I'm seeing a lot of fruit tre branch blossoms sold as flowers this year

Various vegetables from Fairview Gardens

Citrus from J.J.'s Lone Daughter Ranch

Baby greens from Jaime Farms

Squash and flower stems that are good for pickling, at Windrose Farms

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Katherine is the former Living Managing Editor at She's been living in and writing about this area for over a decade.
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