The Best Pies in Los Angeles

You thought you'd had your fill of pie on Thanksgiving? You fool! It is only the beginning of the winter, holiday pie season, and to mark the importance of this dessert, December 1 has been deemed National Pie Day. To celebrate, we found 10 of our favorite pies in Los Angeles. Where do you find your most beloved pies? Let us know in the comments!

Banana Cream Pie at Apple Pan. Image from The Eaten Path.

Blackberry Pie at Village Bakery and Cafe. Image from The Let Me Eat Cake.

Pot pie at Good Girl Dinette. Image by mmmthatsgood.

Strawberry Pie at Pie N' Burger. Image by Flickr user revrev.

Pies at the Original Farmers' Market. Image by Flickr user Wallula Junction

Lime Pie at Clifton's Cafe. Image by Flickr user

Caramelized Banana Cream Pie at Jiraffe. Image by Flickr user KayOne73.

Mini Rhubarb Pie at Chego. Image by Flickr user Muy Yum.

Apple Pie at Du-Par's. Image by Flickr user LA Wad

Sour Cherry Pie at Public Kitchen and Bar. Image by Flickr user One More Bite Blog.

[Additional reporting by Yoli Martinez]

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This post is amazing!! I'm checking these places out all month long-- yes!


Whoa, why is The Pie Hole not on this list!! Their lemon meringue is the best on the planet, but their crust is just to die for.