San Diego Marches Against Monsanto

The global March Against Monsanto made its way to biotech-friendly San Diego, where hundreds showed up to call for the labeling of genetically modified organisms and to protest against a perceived food monopoly by agribusiness giant Monsanto, the corporate face of genetically modified foods. The peaceful demonstration wended its way from Balboa Park into downtown San Diego and back, flanked by police officers and curious tourists.

Many people dressed in red as a sign of solidarity or as bees to call attention to Colony Collapse Disorder, a disease that is killing entire hives at unprecedented rates and has been linked to pesticide overuse.

The march was a family affair for many, who said that genetic modification is an issue that potentially affects not only younger generations but also the ones who are not yet born.

Click here to see photos of the Los Angeles march.

Click here to see photos of the San Francisco march.

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Brooke Binkowski is a longtime, award-winning multimedia journalist. She focuses on borders, the environment and environmental justice, migration, and human rights.
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Los Angeles Marches Against Monsanto


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