Scenes from the Alhambra Farmers' Market

The Sunday Alhambra Farmers' Market is a true neighborhood institution: the weekly turnout is consistently huge and the prices, across the board, make the produce a steal. Right now the market is full of multi-colored beets and carrots; tangerines, which seemed to be the most popular item; and Buddha's hand, which is becoming more ubiquitous.

In Alhambra you'll also find some products that you might not come across elsewhere. There's a big grain selection, unusual greens like bok choy stems, and sugar cane, which can be bought whole or sliced up. What's your favorite market item right now? Let us know in the comments.

[Photos by Justin Cram]

Alhambra Certified Farmers' Market, every Sunday 8:30am to 1pm. Corner of Monterey & Bay State Streets.

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I was there when Justin took the pomegranate pix. Excellent meeting your staff!