The Best of California's Kiwis

Kiwis are mostly associated with New Zealand, and while we do import the fruit from across the Pacific all summer, in the winter California is blessed with its own home-grown crop of kiwis. the fuzzy little fruits can be a bit difficult to figure out -- what do you do with -- so we've compiled a photographic list of ideas for you here. Let us know in the comments how you eat kiwifruit!

Kiwi Lemonade. Image by katie-d-i-d.

Smiling kiwi from the farmer's market. Image by kentanakalovesyou.

Kiwi bento. Image by shizuokagourmet.

California Kiwi Sandwich. Image by

Kiwi oatmeal. Image by mowielicious.

Kiwi with other autumn fruit. Image by mykeuken.

Kiwi marmalade. Image by dulcisinfurno.

Kiwi caprese salad. Image by kalynskitchen.

Kiwi-Lime Marmalade filled Muffins. Image by eatthelove.

Baby Kiwi. Image by kirbiecravings.

[Additional reporting by Yoli Martinez]

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