The Best Soups in Los Angeles

What a perfect day for soup -- and in a perfect month for it, as January is National Soup Month! Though we are normally blessed with beautiful weather, very much unlike what we're suffering through currently, this rain gives us an excuse to indulge in pozole, pho, ramen and the rest of our favorite bowls of delicious warmth. Who makes your favorite soup in L.A.?

Tofu pho from Pho 87. Image by Flickr user Jennifer Gaillard.

Pozole from Malo. Image by Eastside Food Bites.

Matzo Ball soup from Nate 'n Al. Image from Rabi Knows.

French Onion soup from The Kettle. Image from The Kettle's Facebook page.

Vegetable soup from Al Gelato. Image from Al Gelato's Facebook page.

Thai tofu and pork soup from Ganda. Image by Flickr user Ron Dollete.

Clam Chowder at Capital Grille. Image by Flickr user Muy Muy.

Ramen from Daikokukya. Image from KCET Food's Midnight Snack.

Nabeyaki Udon from Suehiro Cafe. Image by Flickr user josewolff.

Thai coconut soup from Melanee Thai Restaurant. Image by LA Vegetarian.

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